Bunny Tales Day Nursery

Bunny Tales Day Nursery

Our Nursery

We regularly take part in outings to park etc, risk assessments are completed, and all children take participate. Ratios are essential for outings; and one to one support is provided if needed.  We are fortunate to have 2 buggy buses so even our youngest children can come along!

Our nursery is adapted to be child friendly, equipment is at child friendly heights, and we ensure that the play rooms are set up with the children, and the space they need in mind. There is also access to disabled toilets If needed.  Toys are labelled clearly and children have free access to toys and equipment they wish to use and play with. For children and parents who have English as an additional language, we can provide relevant information in their chosen language as long as we have notice to access this. 

When new children start at the nursery we have settling in sessions to enable both your child and yourselves a chance to get to know us, our children and the nursery, before leaving your little one in our care.

 We actively encourage parent/ carers to come into the nursery and volunteer by sharing a talent, reading a story; talking about what you do, or taking part in an activity with the children. 

We aim to work in partnership with our Parent/Carers in the nursery, encouraging involvement, sharing ideas and working together so that we can bring home and nursery life together, to ensure your child has the best start in their education career.

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